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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jose Ortiz

While putting together the pages of this blog I have been amazed at the sheer volume of work completed by many of the illustrators featured.  This output must be seen in the context of the incredibly high quality of their art, especially considering that they must often have been adhering to strict publishing deadlines.  

Jose Ortiz (1932 - ) is a Spanish born illustrator, world renowned for his work as a comic strip artist and cartoonist. Such is his popularity in other genres it is virtually impossible to find references to his work as a children's illustrator.. (See Yesterday's Papers or Desk Artes for examples of his better known art.)

Despite this I think Ortiz produced some of the loveliest illustrations of my childhood.  He is equally adept at portraying 'modern' children, fairies, elves, princesses and comic characters.  He has a delightfully light touch and the wide-eyed appeal and slightly humorous characterisation of much of his work make it truly evocative of the era.   

Jose Ortiz - The Magic Cat

Jose Ortiz - Johnny Long Legs

Jose Ortiz - The Wishing Well that Stopped

Jose Ortiz - The Flower Clock

Louise and the White Deer
Louise and the White Deer
Jose Ortiz - The Very Brave Princess
Illustrations from various issues of Once Upon a Time magazine

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