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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Big Headed Dolls

I wonder if anyone else remembers these dolls with the over sized heads and adorable pets.  I expected them to be bigger than they are which only goes to show that I must have been that much smaller when I played with them!  I'm not looking to replace these dolls so I have not tried to find out anything about them or whether they are available for sale anywhere.  I'm afraid I can't remember what they were called, who published them or what the original packaging was like.

 I've started this post with the two smaller dolls shown above as they are in the best condition. I'm assuming the clothes that follow belong to them, including the three pages that are uncut.   

These dolls always came in pairs.  I seem to have lost one completely and the head from another.  As these are from my original collection they are in well played with condition.  They are so cute though that I thought paper doll enthusiasts like myself may still enjoy seeing them anyway.  They are made out of sturdy cardboard but the necks were an obvious weakness.  The clothes are also made out of good quality paper and have the gorgeous chunky appearance that is so appealing to small children.         

This doll with the polka dot dress is the one that has lost her head. I've borrowed a head from one of the other dolls that was also broken. It is not quite the right size (too small) but I did not have the heart to post a picture with the head missing.


Looking at these dolls again as an adult I was particularly impressed by the depiction of the pets - a characteristic of these sets.  They are simply yet beautifully drawn and have such wonderful expressions.

Unfortunately this winter outfit has lost its hood.  Again this was a definite weakness of this set as the joins on the neck were very thin.

The pink dress shown above was one I particularly liked.  The detail of the bow is lovely and what I find particularly appealing is the bright simplicity of the colour.

These two nurses outfits were my all time favourites.  I can remember liking them so much that I still get a tinge on the same sense of wonder when I look at them today.  I think they bring out the inherent nurturing qualities so characteristic of little girls.

Secret Garden

This house reminds me of the story of the secret garden.  It is in the street I live in and I walk past it every evening on the way home from the train station.  It looks authentically Tudor but it can't be anywhere near as old as the houses in our road were all built in the 17 and 1800's.  I think it is being renovated which only adds to its intriguing appeal  It looks like the perfect setting for a great mystery story.

I just love the tangled colourful garden - it is such a riot of  bright and often delicate plants.  I just hope no one tries to 'tidy' it and take away all its charm.



wendz said...

I don't know what those dolls are called but I recognise them. I had them. Lovely little things. Oh you make me want to start collecting them too.

Kylie said...

I love these paper dollies Sharon...this morning quite by chance I came across this:
Have a look if you haven't seen it already, I'm sure you will like it x

GardenofDaisies said...

The big head dolls are really cute! I'm so glad they like kitty cats! :-) tThe house with the gate and walled garden is sooo pretty and mysterious at the same time. Wouldn't you love to go exploring on those grounds?


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