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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Paper Doll Roses

Rose Alice

These cheap 'n cheerful paper dolls gave us hours of fun.  They must have been easy to come by as I have two copies - presumably one belonged to my younger sister Melanie.  Unlike other paper dolls that were obviously carefully cut out for me by my mother, we were clearly left to our own devices with these.  Although we must have attempted to cut them neatly you can see that this is the work of children.  As I have two of everything I have tried to select the better preserved doll and dress in each case.

Once again this is a book that was reprinted more than once with slight variations.  Although cut this particular set is complete.  It did not have any hats or accessories and I can remember finding it strange at the time that one of the dolls does not have a full length ball gown.    
Rose Alice
Rose Ellen
Rose Ellen
Tina Rose
Tina Rose

Pansies and Petunias

I've been having a lot of fun planting in containers - its very rewarding to do something that creates such impact with so little effort.  Petunias and pansies are my favourites, they are so bright and cheerful.

Trees across the road from my house.  Its a lovely tranquil setting.  


Gayle Pucci said...

These are really sweet little "Rose" dolls, and they have such cute dresses! I have lots of good memories of playing with paperdolls with my sister too. Your flowers are pretty!!

Ewa said...

I remember when I was little I used to play with similar paper dolls :))

beautiful plants!

Anonymous said...

OHHHH spring i miss u! Great shots.

Carletta said...

Love all the colors in that first little beautiful pot of blooms!
I remember my girlfriend always got paper dolls. I never got any until I was almost too old. How I loved playing 'pretend' with them.

You ad below for the Build A Bear Puppy made me smile. My granddaughters got the puppy and kitty from their Mommy and I got them clothes and slippers for them.


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