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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mother Goose Paper Dolls No. 4422 (Artcraft)

This is my latest paper doll acquisition from eBay. I was really thrilled to win the bid as this book does not come up for sale all that often and as far as I know is not available as a reproduction.  I bought it from a lovely lady called Julie who I found very friendly and helpful and she even refunded part of the postage I'd overpaid!  Paper doll books Julie currently has on auction can be found at Paper Moon Designs on eBay.

Of my personal of paper doll memories I would list this book as my third favourite after Whitman Ballet Paper Dolls #1962 from 1964 and Saalfield Double Wedding #4432 from 1964.  I can vividly remember playing with this set for hours and thought the dresses and colour schemes were especially lovely.  I still have my original version in cut form (I posted one doll and dress from this book on 23 March for Daffodil Day.)  It is almost complete with the exception of some of the hats.  Having an uncut book to add to my collection has been a great find!  

Iveagh Garden's Roses (Dublin)

The rose garden at Iveagh Gardens is very old fashioned and still laid out as it was in the 1860's.  I love it.  Because the roses are not new bred hybrids they only bloom once a year, so this section of the park only appears in all its glory for a few weeks each summer. 

The rose above is called Gertrude Jekyll (named after the renowned English garden designer who lived from 1843-1932).  It is my favourite rose as it has such a wonderful scent.  When I first came across it I realised this is what a rose is meant to be - both perfumed and beautiful.

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Barbara said...

Really pretty paper doll and the roses are beautiful - I can almost smell them!


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