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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Handsome Heroes

Ron Embleton  - The Magic Apples

I was waylaid slightly in putting together the last of my royalty inspired posts that complete the trio with Wonderful Weddings and Perfect Princesses.  As this week's entry coincides with President Obama's visit to Ireland perhaps it is opportune however, that today's post is a collection of handsome heroes.

This post gives me an opportunity to include the illustration shown above. It is my favourite Ron Embleton painting from a story called 'The Magic Apples'. It appeared on the cover of Once Upon a Time issue #110 (20 March 1971). Illustrations from this story are very popular and this is the only one that I have not seen online. The full set of the rest can be found at the Look and Learn site. (They hold the copyright to all these works.)

Once again all the illustrations that follow have been taken from issues of Once Upon a Time published between 1969 and 1972. From all around the world this is my selection of Handsome Heroes in these enchanting children's stories:

Ron Embleton - The Secret of the Trolls

H. Gonzales - Yashi and the Magic Carpet

H. Gonales - A Sprig of Rosemary

Sinbad the Sailor
Rose White and Rose Red

Brave Running Deer

Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp

Silia the Dancing Girl

Jesus Blasco - Gulliver's Travels
Jesus Blasco combined different artistic techniques to produce a wonderfully varied effect.  I love the atmosphere he has created in the illustration below.

Jesus Blasco - The Enchanted Lion
The Magic Feather
 Personally I find the prince below slightly creepy but I've included him because he is such a great example of what was considered the epitome of good looks during that era. He belongs to the same story as the first princess I included in the Perfect Princesses post.

The Frog Prince
Ron Embleton - Beauty and the Beast

President Obama visits Dublin

I've loved the excitement of the last two weeks.  A lot of people seem to think they are being cool and sophisticated by feigning disinterest in both visits. I've reached the age where I just find that petty and small minded and I've thoroughly enjoyed the sense of anticipation and spectacle that they brought.

The presidential couple only spent 1 day in Ireland but it was certainly not a low key visit, culminating in an open air speech at College Green where President Obama wowed the crowds by closing the address in Irish with his campaign slogan 'Is féidir linn' – 'Yes we can'.  I confess to watching the speech in the comfort of my home on TV, but I did take the following photos during the day:  

Dame Street prepares to welcome the President
  Stars and Stripes flew alongside the Irish tricolour everywhere. Below are photos taken in Suffolk Street, Dawson Street and Duke Street:

By sheer chance I happened to be close to the Government Buildings in Merrion Street as the presidential cavalcade left at lunchtime. The photos I took were not great but I did as least get to experience the excitement as they drove past.

Government Buildings in Merrion Street

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