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Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Fair Lady Paper Doll Additional Pages

Click here to see the doll and her outfits (posted 9 January 2011)

I chose to post this paper doll in one of my first blog entries as my original set is complete, in good condition, and I have never seen it anywhere else.  At the time I did not include the additional pages of the book.  To date this paper doll has been the most popular posting on my blog and for this reason I have decided to add the rest of the pages as today's entry.

Last week I received a comment asking whether the set had a wardrobe. It does, but the one that was provided is (in my opinion) not very attractive.  It is just a simple folder included inside the back cover.  The design is very typical of the 60's and does not compliment the doll who depicts the early 20th century.

Besides the doll and her clothes the book contains the story of Covent Garden.  I think it was supposed to double as a colouring book.  Although I was still an avid paper doll collector, by the time I was given this book I had passed the age of wanting to colour it in which is probably a good thing as it has remained in its original condition.

All the additional pages follow with the wardrobe included at the end. The front and back covers of the book are identical.  It was published in C.B.S Limited.      



This is the 'wardrobe' inside the back cover of the book. 

Dublin Castle

Next week the Queen is visiting Ireland.  She will be attending a state dinner at Dublin Castle on Wednesday evening and during the past few days I have been watching the preparations being made from my office window.  I took these photos earlier this week before much of this area was closed to the public for security reasons. 
The Chapel at Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle with part of the State Apartments

Dublin Castle 'Gardens'
Coach House Dublin Castle

My office is the building in the background of this photo. As I am on the second floor facing this lawned courtyard (and my desk is right in front of a floor to ceiling window) I have a beautiful view of the castle. The buildings in the previous pictures are behind where I was standing here.

And just to finish on a splash of colour, some flowers photographed at St Stephen's Green. 


ines said...

Thank You, so much.


Sharon's Sunlit Memories said...

You are very welcome Inês.

I'm so pleased that you have enjoyed it.

GardenofDaisies said...

What a fun paperdoll/coloring book combo! I had to go back to your other post to see the clothing that went with the doll. So much fun! The castle where the Queen is going to dine looks really magnificent! We don't have castles here in the USA, so seeing these photos is awesome!

Sharon's Sunlit Memories said...

I sometimes think it's because I'm a naturalised Irish citizen and was not born here that I also love all the castles etc that were not places I could experience when I was younger. I can still act like a tourist even though I live here!


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