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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Perfect Princesses

The Frog Prince

Perhaps it was just my reference to the royal wedding but last week's post proved to be unexpectedly popular.  Because of that I'm continuing with a similar theme this week - perfect princesses.  Once again all these images were taken from various issues of Once Upon a Time magazine, published between 1969 and 1971.  They represent the work of the artists I have already featured - Ron and Gerry Embleton, Jesus Blasco, Nadir Quinto and Jose Ortiz.  Some are works by artists I have not yet been able to identify.   If the princesses turn out to be half as popular as the weddings I will round off the trio next week with a selection of princes and heroes.      

Martin the Giant

The Fairy Dressmakers

Silia the Dancing Girl

You can see the whole story of the Princess with Blue Eyes here.

The Princess With Blue Eyes

The Princess With Blue Eyes

The Shepherdess and the Prince
Puss in Boots
The Flying White Horse

The Flying White Horse

The True Princess

The True Princess
This princess looks as though she could have been the inspiration for Princess Leia.  Two princesses are shown in this post with very similar hairstyles.  Don't forget these pictures were published at least seven years before Star Wars was first released.
The Very Brave Princess

The Water of Life
The Golden Ball

The Magic Apples
The Magic Broomstick
Prince Simon's Long Nose

 Sometimes a princess does not have to be perky to be special, but in fairy tales everything always works out in the end!

The Princess and the Pantry Boy

A Real Princess goes Shopping 
I just loved these photos printed in yesterday's issue of the Irish Mail.  Exactly one week after all the pomp and ceremony and Kate is shopping for groceries near her home in the island of Anglesey.  What appeals to me about these pictures is the contentment and happiness that shines through and her clear delight in sharing this with the world.  More than anything it goes to show that it is the small mundane things in life that can bring such joy in the right circumstances.


Anonymous said...

Wow - what a wonderful, wonderful site this is, I am so envious of all the wonderful pictures and would love to find copies of the magazine you mention "Once Upon A Time" this was published where? Keep up the wonderful work. One of your faithful fans Marge

Sharon's Sunlit Memories said...

Hi Marge - Once Upon a Time was a children's magazine printed in England between 1969 and 1971 but available throughout the Commonwealth. (My original copies are from my childhood in South Africa.) There are about 170 issues in total. I am trying to complete the collection of these magazines I had as a child. They come up for sale/auction quite often in eBay. Most are from the UK but I have bought some from Australia. I still love looking at them today as the artwork is beautiful. I have also been thrilled to be able to buy some of the original artwork featured in the magazines - something I could never have dreamt was possible when I was a child! Thanks for the lovely comment - Sharon


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