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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ron Embleton's Comic Cooks

The Land Without Sugar

In two earlier posts More Ron Embleton Magic and Wonderful Weddings I mentioned the wonderful humour Ron Embleton sometimes brought to his illustrations and that the motif of Comic Cooks was one he often used to brilliant effect.

I thought it might be fun to dedicate this week's entry to the topic, especially as previous posts depicting Ron Embleton's work have proved to be amongst the most popular in my blog.

Below are a selection of illustrations from some of the best loved stories that Ron Embleton brought to life, showing his skill at depicting both human and animal characterisation. 

The Land Without Sugar

The Magic Apples includes some of Ron Embleton's better known work.  It is also one of my favourites but I've always thought the cook in this story seems out of place.  She belongs to the wrong era altogether for a story with a Nordic theme placed in a medieval setting.  That is the beauty of fairy stories though - they can jumble up reality and still keep us entertained.
The Magic Apples

The Magic Apples

The King and the Potato Crisps

 The following illustrations are not of cartoon style characters but they are still humorous and perfectly pitched, conveying the essence of the stories they depict wonderfully.
The Secret of the Trolls

The Tinder Box

The Tin Soldier

These are the two pictures I included in the earlier posts that made me think of combining these illustrations together for this particular theme.  I'm repeating them again here: 

Beauty and the Beast

Sleeping Beauty

And to finish - not a comic cook but a beautiful princess who is elegant and competent, bringing sweetness to her kingdom for the first time.

The Land Without Sugar

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