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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Here Comes the Bride - Saalfield #1320/1967

Today's post is a bit of a mish-mash.  I wanted to include this book straight after last week's Whitman Bridal Cut Outs - although they are very different in style both are wedding paper dolls from the same era and I have always associated them very closely together. 

As yet I don't have a replacement for my original set which has a few rather noticeable deficiencies - most obvious is that the groom seems to have wandered off which is rather unfortunate.  The wedding dress is a bit moth eaten and I'm missing most of the accessories for the cake as well as two hats and one yellow top.

There is a laser repro of this book available for sale at Nutz4paperdollz which can be viewed on this link to their eBay site. I think it is just a little bit pricey for a reproduction.  I found an original for sale at Madslucky13 that I wanted to buy but there is no postal option for Ireland.  (I assume you have to live in the USA.)  The four pictures advertising it contain most of the elements I am missing so on this occasion I am deviating from my usual policy and am 'borrowing' them:    

What follows are the remnants of my original book.  As with all my other paper dolls it was extensively and lovingly played with.  The only thing about this set that I found slightly unusual as a child is that there is only a bride and groom - I was always looking for a big retinue of bridesmaids and flower girls.

I just adore the fashions on show here - especially this white dress with its diamante neckline peeking out from an opulent red coat.

I was very interested to discover that the original artwork from this set was recently sold on the American auction site Heritage. I have sourced and bought original illustrations for myself before (I count amongst my most prized possession four original paintings by Ron Embleton - two from 'The Secret of the Trolls, one from 'The Magic Apples' and one from 'Snow White'.)   I've never though of looking for original paper doll art though and so was very intrigued to find a reference to this.  The artist was Jeanne Voelz and this work realised $126.50 at auction.      

A House in the Park

To finish today a mixture of photos taken in town.  This pretty little Queen Anne style house is at one of the side entrances to St Stephen's Green park.  It is the home of the park superintendent.  A lovely place to live but a bit like a goldfish bowl - no privacy at all! 

Iveagh Gardens has a similar house at its main entrance.  I'm not sure if this is a also a home as well but I have heard the sounds of a radio playing inside when I walk past.

Trinity College

The early morning light on these autumn mornings can be beautiful.  I took this photo of the campanile at Trinity College on the way to work this week.  I love the luminous colour against the pure blue sky.

Cryptic Messages

These cryptic messages appeared a little while ago on Dublin's streets.  The middle photo is in Iveagh Gardens, the other two in the vicinity of my work.  I'm sure there must be more if you know where to look.  I have no idea what they mean but they are both curious and intriguing.

Hidden Dublin - Lower Baggot Street

I have no idea why this art installation is placed on the outside of a building in Baggot Street opposite the old Huguenot Cemetery.  It does remind me of a funeral mask but it is one in miniature as the casting is quite small.   

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GardenofDaisies said...

I love the bridal paper doll sets you have been sharing with us!! the cottages in your part of the world sure are pretty.


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