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This blog has been retired. I won't respond to any inquiries but have retained it in case it is still of interest to anyone passing by.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Snow! In April!!

 I'm on holiday this week (hence the extra blogging activity!)  As my birthday (tomorrow) falls so close to Easter this year I thought it would be nice to have a few more days off and enjoy a proper break.

Last week we had a heatwave - well any temperature in the high teens (Celsius) in Ireland is a heatwave.  I was at work instead of enjoying the sunshine.  This week we have freezing temperatures - and now snow! In April!!! In South Africa I always thought of my birthday as the start of 'winter' after the desperate heat and humidity of summer.  Here I think of April as the beginning of summer and pack all my winter coats away.

Instead of balmy warm weather, today our garden looks like Narnia.  It is very pretty so I shouldn't complain.  Its just not what I was expecting.  My husband went outside and took some photos of the snowy scene this morning. I'm getting over a bad bout of 'flu and am not venturing outdoors so I can thank him for these lovely pictures.

Roundwood is apparently the highest village in Ireland so I suppose we shouldn't be surprised - if any snow is in the offing we are virtually guaranteed to get it here.

When he was finished my sweet husband brought me some tea in bed, opened the curtains and this is what I saw.  It was snowing last night before we went to sleep but I still didn't expect it to have fallen so heavily.

I took some photos through the window ...

Then I decided to wander around the house and take more photos, first through windows and then inside.

Its falling into place quite nicely.  (I often think the best time to take pictures is soon after you move in and everything still looks organised!)

My husband calls this the Hogwarts bookcase!  I have so many books they are packed in everywhere.

My study is my little haven (its where I'm sitting now.)  This next picture was a pure accident as the light was just perfect and gave me this lovely atmospheric shot.

This is my girly room and I've indulged myself with all my bits and bobs and put everything out where I can enjoy it.

Even old Mr Teddy has come out of hibernation. He growls if you turn him over but he is a bit croaky at the moment!

The picture behind him is a copy I made many years ago of a Kay Nielsen painting - I just changed it slightly by putting a figure of my own in the foreground.

Even my Disney princesses have a place to dance now.

I still can't believe that I am such a magical place.  I keep expecting to wake up and find that I have been dreaming!


colleen said...

You do live in an enchanted place. I love how you have dolls and toys and books in your house. I do as well.Maybe we are young at heart because we are April girls. Cordially, Colleen

Barbara said...

Snow in April! It’s still sunny in Somerset but getting colder by the second! I think we will miss the snow (just) at least I hope so because the heating is turned off for the summer!

I love your new home and your garden, and your very pretty pictures.

Happy Birthday for tomorrow, and get well soon.

Barbara said...

PS Your Kay Nielsen ‘look alike’ paining is amazing.

CraveCute said...

Happy Birthday Sharon! The snow is pretty but not really a welcome Gift! I love your home and furnishings, your photos are just lovely! Hope your snow melts soon!

wendz said...

Happy birthday Sharon. Hope you have a lovely day...snow and all!

Donna Heber said...

Hi Sharon,

Happy Birthday to you! It looks like you might have a white Easter. Thank you for the wonderful tour (both inside and out). Love your glass bookcase!

P.S. You can call me whatever you want - Diane ... Donna. Anything with a "D" is alright :-)

Darlene Foster said...

Happy Birthday from Canada (where it is not snowing!) Your yard does look like Narnia and your house is delightful. I love Teddy! I had one just like him. All the best. XO


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