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This blog has been retired. I won't respond to any inquiries but have retained it in case it is still of interest to anyone passing by.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Aristocats (?) Pop Out / Stand Up Set

I always thought this set was from 'The Aristocats' movie, but now I'm not so sure.  From memory the villain of the piece is a human butler and I know the names of the two main characters are Duchess and Thomas O'Malley.  Here the story seems different and the initials carved into the tree are wrong.

Unfortunately I don't have the cover of the book, but I was clever enough to keep the diagrams showing how each of the scenes is set up.  I'm also amazed that I still have every single piece of this set - all carefully packed away in a box.

I can date the set exactly to 1970 (coincidentally the same year 'The Aristocats' film was released).  My parents divorced that year and my Mom, sister and I left our home in Cape Town and travelled by train to Durban where we moved in with my grandmother.  The trip took 2 days as the train went inland first and did not follow the coastline.  To keep me occupied my Mom gave me this set and I can remember I couldn't wait for the journey to start so I could punch it out.

There are four scenes and the complete set follows:

Scene 1 - In the Country       .     

In the Country

Scene 2 - Sidewalk Cafe

Sidewalk Cafe

Scene 3 - Madame Rubens-Chatte's Salon

Madame Rubens-Chatte's Salon

Scene 4 - Happy Ending

Happy Ending

Instruction Diagrams

Instruction Diagrams

Snapped in Dublin

I love the hangings baskets that are put up all over Dublin in the summer.  These are next to the Stephen's Green Shopping Centre at the top of Grafton Street - I walk past them every day on my way to work and during lunch-time.  I only photographed the last few in the row - I was more interested in trying to get pictures without people in them than getting all the flowers in the shot!


darlene foster said...

What fun it must have been for you to play with the Aristocats cut outs. Disney may have changed the story somewhat. I also love the hanging baskets in Dubin. They are everywhere here in the Vancouver area as well. They make me very happy!! Have a lovely weekend.

Corissia said...

Hmm... I have seen this set before in a PD group. You're right about the similar animation and you're also right about it not being The Aristocats. The problem is that I do not remember what this set is actually called. I'll try to figure it out.

Barbara said...

I keep coming back to have another look at this post. The pop-up pieces are just so appealing, and you kept them in such good condition! It's also lovely to read snippets about your childhood.
The hanging baskets are fabulous.

Retha said...

I have the set with the title "The Gay Purree". I can send you a scan of the front cover too.

That may be why the story fell into total obscurity - the meaning of gay changed so much that it is not used for the names of kids' cartoons any more.

Sharon Souter said...

Thanks for the wishes and comments Darlene and Barbara - I always enjoy getting them from both of you!

Thanks for confirming that this is not the Aristocats Corissia and Retha. I knew it couldn't be but some of the similarities make it very confusing. Retha I'd LOVE to see what the cover looks like again - my email address is

Roger Lawrence said...

Was it Lady And The Tramp?

Sharon Souter said...

Thanks for the suggestion Roger - the tablecloth and candle also made me think of Lady and the Tramp.

I meant to add earlier Barbara that I never know how much of 'myself' I should put in. When I started this blog I was determined to stay more or less invisible!

Earlier today I received an email from Sally in Australia. She belongs to a paper doll group and mentioned that Corissia and Retha are also members. Sally confirmed that these are as Retha mentioned taken from an earlier animated film called 'The Gay Purree'. Isn't blogging amazing!! Sally has sent me scans of an uncut book. I've asked her if it will be ok for me to use the cover in a follow up post to compliment this one.

Donna Yates said...

Sharon, I think this is the 1962 Gay Pur-ee cartoon movie.

I love that hanging basket in Dublin - so beautiful. If only I could grow glowers like that.

Retha said...

I would have sent you the cover, but it seems you already received it.

Sharon Souter said...

Hi Donna - you are quite correct - I never knew the movie existed until I did this post. The response I've had to it has been wonderful and has solved a mystery that has been baffling me for some time!

Thanks Retha - Sally must have sent it to me after I gave my email address. She said she belongs to the same paper doll group as you - it must be great to have access to so much material!

Darlene Foster said...

Blogging is amazing! I am so happy the mystery has been solved for you and that you got a copy of the cover after all this time. This is a great story in itself.

Corissia said...

I found out the answer.. but I see my friends have already let you know. Another mystery down. Love your blog!

CraveCute said...

Sharon, thanks for stopping by my blog. I did see this post on my reader but neglected to come here to leave a post! Naughty me! I do remember these cute cats, but I am a little fuzzy on whether I actually saw the movie or not. Maybe Disney had a book too? Nevertheless, these are incredible pop-outs. I would have been crazy for a set like this, I am sure I would have worn it to a frazzle! Yours is excellent!

Retha said...

Sharon, if you want to, you could ask to join our group. Between us, we have access to a lot of great stuff. (But then you have some fantastic material here too - this set is a darling!) The group adress is:

Nora said...

Gay Pur-ee was one of my favorite animated films back in the day and I so wish they'd release it on DVD! We had a cat growing up named Mewset (sp?) and John Tom. Mewset went over the fence and John Tom stayed. :) I had no idea there was a cut out set otherwise I think my Mom would have bought it for me. :D I was four years old when the film was released.

I may be wrong but I don't think Disney made Gay Pur-ee. It might have been MGM who made it. I can't remember off hand.

Thank you so much for posting this lovely set.


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