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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Pattern of Three

This blog isn't supposed to be wordy, or about me - but yesterday was such an unusual day I can't resist writing about it.

My mother always used to say things happened in three's.  When I was very much younger I was fascinated by the ancient Welsh Triads.  Before the written word became widespread and few people were able to read - knowledge, ideas and folklore were grouped together in threes with a common point of likeness.  It is quite an effective method of remembering something.  I can recall quite a few of these triads after more than 30 years.  Here by way of example are 3(!) of them:

Three things no man can rule : a baby's crying, a woman's tongue and the rumour that runs in the market place.

Three things no man can alter : the stars in their courses, the flow of the tides and the pattern that unfolds from the given word.

Three things hold the secret of life : the corn in the earth, the child in the womb and the dream at the heart of the harp's song.

Yesterday morning three strange things happened to me on the way to work:

Because I live in the Wicklow Mountains but work in Dublin I have to leave home just after 6am in the morning to get to the office on time.  My journey starts with my husband driving me to a train station (roughly half an hour away by car) and then I commute into town by train.

Yesterday we got into the car and the battery was stone dead.  I have no idea why - it has not happened before and since then it has been fine again.  It was far too early to think of disturbing any of our neighbours so my husband said we would have to push start the car.  He is recovering from a snapped tendon so my teenage son and I had to do the pushing - me in my business suit - I must have looked a picture! Then we had to run down the hill to catch up with him after he managed to get the car going!

We had not gone very far before we came across a small herd of ponies that had somehow escaped from the field they were supposed to be housed in and were milling about on the road.  A few other cars were already in front of us and someone was clever enough to whistle at the ponies, get them into a straight line and encourage them to turn off into a side road so that the traffic (all 5 or 6 of us!) could continue unimpeded.

When we reached the station there was not a car in sight.  Usually at least a dozen or so are parked there and by this time I was much later than normal.  The only time this has ever happened before was a day when the trains were not running.  I asked at the ticket office and was told everything was ok so my husband dropped me off and drove away.  I felt a bit apprehensive - especially when the electronic board changed from 4 minutes to 3 and then back to 4 again.  But eventually the train arrived and I was on my way - definitely the most unusual start to the morning I think I have ever had!

Then when I arrived home from work in the evening I had three lovely blog related surprises:

First there was a parcel waiting for me from Kylie at Lucy Violet Vintage .  When I published a post about Carlotta Edwards a few weeks ago I mentioned I was looking for a print that had hung on my bedroom wall when I was a very young child.  Kylie had a framed copy of the print in question and she very kindly sent to me (at great expense all the way from Australia!) so I can have it to enjoy.  I'm absolutely thrilled and want to do a proper post by way of thanks but this is just an initial show of appreciation!!

Then I visited Barbara at March House Books Blog and discovered she had drawn my name as the winner of a lovely embroidery transfer and skein of thread (the story behind this is interesting in itself but I won't go into all the details here!)  I'm not usually lucky with this sort of thing  - it felt like this was turning into my birthday!

The third blog related surprise wasn't done especially for me but I was really thrilled to see it all the same. I was scrolling down my reading list and noticed Donna at Donna's Designs had just published a post including the Rose of Sharon.  I've always been curious to know what the rose I am named after actually looks like - and now I know!  Finding this was a perfect ending to a truly amazing day.

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CraveCute said...

Isn't life magical! Love this wordy post Sharon!

Darlene Foster said...

Some days are just amazing, yours certainly was from start to finish. Congratulations on winning the embriodery package from Barbara. Enjoy!

Barbara said...

Please be wordy as often as you like! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your day. Your parcel should be with you soon. Enjoy! Barbara

Joleene Naylor said...

yay for the good surprises ;)

I had an odd couple of days - i was walking the dogs and found, sitting under our tree, a cat that was just staring off into the ditch - not scared of me or the dogs. in fact at first it did not move and I thought it was a trick of shadow as there re rocks piled under the tree, so i took the dogs in and came back and no - there was a cat and a half a bottle of whisky. I tried to coax the cat from under the tree, but she would have none of it, she would come to the edge, let me pet and feed her, then go back to her position next to the whisky bottle. the next day I went out and the bottle was there, though the cat was gone and in its place was a dead bunny. Since the cat was barely more than a kitten not sure of she could have done that as the bunny was bigger than she was. I had to leave, so the next day I went to get the bunny to bury it but next to the whisky bottle, were five bunnies, all staring into the ditch just like the cat had been. I practically stepped on them before they would run away (wish I'd known as I'd have taken photos!) and the dead bunny was gone... the bottle is still there and no idea who it belongs to or what the animals' deal is with sitting next to it and staring into the empty ditch...

Donna Yates said...

Oh, now, this is an amazing post! What wonderful 3 things to happen to you, sweet friend.

DMS said...

Just looking back though your blog and found this post. Oddly enough- I stumbled upon it after I had a morning full of surprises/out of the ordinary thing and I was thinking about how things come in threes. It is amazing when things come together like that.

I loved reading about this day and the way things started and ended. :)


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