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Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Bit of a Mixed Bag

I have a bit of a mixed bag offering today.  First up (as promised) is the second story I included a single page of in the post Its 1966! - And Girls Just Want to Have Fun.

This story originally appeared in the 'Girls World Annual' of 1966.

Next I couldn't resist scanning and sharing a delightful photograph printed earlier this week in the Metro Herald - the fabulous free newspaper that I read every morning on the train into Dublin.  (The distributors of this paper are some of the nicest and friendliest people around.)  I thought this photo - used to highlight an upcoming event for the children's charity Barnardos - absolutely magical.

And last but not least a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who left a comment on last week's Watermarking post.  I don't usually have time during the week to respond to comments directly so I wanted to say how much I appreciated getting all of your opinions.

At first I thought I was being a bit mean and churlish to want to 'mark' my work but it appears that most of you are in agreement.  I have, however, decided on a compromise.

The whole idea behind these paper dolls (besides my own enjoyment in making them) was to post something others might enjoy printing and cutting out as well.  The amazing response I've had to these dolls shows they are much more popular than I had originally anticipated.  Because of this I felt it would defeat the purpose of posting them if I stopped anyone from being able to download or print them in a reasonable size.  For the same reason I've also decided not to deface the scans by putting such a big watermark across the image itself.

What I have done instead is to include a smaller watermark that looks like a signature at the bottom of the page. In some cases it will clip the hem of the dress, in others it won't impact as much.  That way I have still 'signed' my work but not disfigured it.  As my husband pointed out a really devious person could just crop or cut the signature off.  If someone really wanted to go to so much trouble I guess they could do that - but at least this way if my dolls are pinned or put up on another site there is less chance of them being passed off as someone else's work.  I would never be looking to sell these for financial gain - obviously I would like to hope that no one else does either!  

Example of new Watermark

And while on the topic of these paper dolls - tonight sees the first episode of Merlin Series 5 on the BBC.  Both my 14 year old son and I are great fans of the show and are looking for to it with great anticipation!

I will be posting new dresses for Morgana and Guinevere soon - I've already sketched Gwen's Coronation Gown and just have to colour it in.  That will finish off the original Guinevere doll, but for the second 'Queen Gwen' I'm starting a blue dress and a purple dress to add to the burgundy one already in her wardrobe.  Then I decided Morgana just has to have an 'Evil Enchantress' set of outfits to offset her original jewel like gowns.

So much I want to do - so little time!!



DMS said...

Loved the first part of the post- but I love anything with horses. I totally agree with you that the picture from the newspaper is magical. It sounds like you came to the right decision for you in regards to the watermark. I cannot notice it- so it must be done very well. :) I would however LOVE to have that dress to wear. It is beautiful and I adore the sleeves and color. I think it is nice that you are making them available to others for their enjoyment. Happy weekend!

CraveCute said...

Sharon, I think your compromise with the watermark is brilliant. You are being so generous! I'm looking forward to seeing your new designs. The image of the children is very sweet indeed! Enjoy Merlin! Also wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog to visit, I really do enjoy your comments. ~Diane~

Nora said...

Sharon, first off let me say I so enjoy your paper dolls. I love the colors you use, vibrant and rich. As I also like to color I love your supplying the black and white versions of the costumes so that we who love to get out the crayons, colored pens and pencils can color the outfits whatever hue we wish. I am also for your "signing" your work by use of a watermark. Great idea!! I'm looking so forward to seeing new costume for your dolls. :)
Keep up your beautiful work!!

Donna Yates said...

Oh, that picture is so magical.
Thanks for posting the comic pages too.

Barbara said...

Great idea to sign your work, they are your creations, and you should always get the credit for them.
I love the picture from the Metro Herald, how nice of them to provide a free newspaper it must make your journey go a bit quicker. I also love the picture from ‘the wild one’ thank you so much for sharing so many good things in one post.
Downton was fab last night – I didn’t want it to end! (re your comment on my blog)

Joleene Naylor said...

love the scans!

you could just put your name and/or weblink address on the image off to the side - this is what i used to do to my paperdolls:


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