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Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Enchanted Lion (Part 1) - Jesus Blasco

The Enchanted Lion - Jesus Blasco

The last time I posted one of my 'Sunday Stories' I received a request for this classic fairy tale called 'The Enchanted Lion' illustrated by the brilliant and incomparable Jesus Blasco.  I've come to appreciate Jesus Blasco's work more and more as an adult - what really appeals to me about the stories he illustrated is that he used a variety of different artistic techniques and this brings an incredible richness and depth to his work.

This story is much longer than those I usually choose to post.  Because of this I've decided to split it into two posts - half this time and the rest next week.

This story appeared in 'Once Upon a Time' children's magazine.
Today's post contains 2 of 4 issues:
Issue #115 published 24 April 1971 and
Issue #116 published 1 May 1971

Even now that the winter chill is well on its way there is still some seasonal colour in the garden and fresh flowers for me to pick so I can still have a pretty posy in a vase.

I also couldn't resist showing this off.  Yesterday while I was at work my husband and son decided to bake a cake.  They followed a recipe on Youtube and made a chocolate cake with ganache icing (decorated with Maltesers).  I think its a first for either of them - I was very impressed - its delicious!

I'm also still able to forage for tomatoes and the last few salad leaves in the greenhouse.  We've realised its best to pick these cherry tomatoes while they are still green or they go soft on the vine.  After I took this picture I collected another bowl this morning so the kitchen window sill is overflowing with these little beauties that look like a child's collection of marbles!  (Do children still play with marbles?)



CraveCute said...

Sharon - you have added another jam packed post to your site! The illustrations, wonderful! The cake, yum! I think we call them malted milk balls, kind of boring, I like the name Maltesers better! You still have tomatoes, I am jealous, ours have been gone for weeks! Seriously, awesome post.

ArtSings1946 said...

Hi Sharon, love the story and all the wonderful artwork ... and the cake looks so yummy ... my daughter will be baking my favorite for my upcoming birthday ... can't wait. We really don't have sweets too often only for special occasions and we still need to lose a lot of weight ... where does that come from????? Oh well, just have to do the best we can. Love to visit your blog.

Happiness always,

Victoria Stitch said...

what beautiful illustrations! thanks for sharing. and that cake looks delicious!

Roger Lawrence said...

What gorgeous artwork on the Enchanted Lion. I wish I could eat sticky chocolaty things.

Darlene Foster said...

The cake your fellows made looks wonderful. I also love your cherry tomatoes. You will have lovely fresh tomatoes for some time. I enjoy them in my salad.

Donna Yates said...

I loved this. Sweet story. I love those last of the tomatoes in your window too.

Barbara said...

Thanks so much for the introduction to Jesus Blasco what a talented artist! The lion is beautifully drawn, and I love the little mermaid pictures in your other post.
The cherry tomatoes and gourds (?) look very attractive sitting on your windowsill and the chocolate cake looks yummy!
It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday morning in Somerset. I hope it’s the same for you.

Sharon Souter said...

I was wondering if I should mention the butternut as well! Those are the gourds Barbara spotted - a staple veggie for us! Two grew quite successfully in the greenhouse and like the tomatoes we decided to bring them in early and let them ripen on the windowsill

DMS said...

I so enjoyed looking at the artwork and story. What a unique style! I love tomatoes and think it is great you are still getting some from the garden. The cake looks good!

Donna Heber said...

Hi Sharon,

A beautiful story with wonderful artistic techniques. Glad to hear you are still harvesting tomatoes from the garden.


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