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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Guinevere Paper Doll - Blue Dress (Season 5)

Queen Guinevere - From the BBC production of Merlin

Season 5 of Merlin is almost half way over and so far my poor Queen Guinevere paper doll only has one gown! (the Velvet Burgundy).  So although I know I still have to finish her coronation gown from Season 4, I'm jumping ahead again and giving my Queen Gwen doll a new dress.  Next up for her will be the purple satin, but I liked the colour of this blue so decided to paint it first

Guinevere Queen of Camelot

Guinevere - Blue Dress

Guinevere - Blue Dress Sketch

While I was busy my husband took a (surprise) photo of me!  (He also gave me the bowl of popcorn to snack on!)  So I thought it might be fun to include a pic of me at work, (specs and all) on this chilly November day!

Also a bit of news! - I joined the Original Paper Doll Artist Guild about a week ago and today emailed a scan of a doll I made for their next magazine theme.  I've just had an email back from Jenny at OPDAG to say she likes it!!  So a big thank you to Gayle (who has been encouraging me for ages) and everyone else who kept suggesting I join the guild. (I won't be able to show you the doll on my blog but the theme is about Babies and Children.)

Since the clocks changed at the end of October I've been given a little window of opportunity again to visit my favourite swan family in the park every morning on my way to work.  The swans have become very tame - especially the young ones.  People must feed them so I think they associate us with yummy treats.  I'm usually one of the first people to enter the park when the gates open at 7.30 am - as soon as the swans see me they come racing up to where I'm standing, the young ones cheeping away madly.  Poor things - all I have with me is a camera at best, but perhaps they are also a bit sociable and like the company as well!

The trees still look very pretty with their autumn foliage.  These photos aren't all that great as the light was not very good - soon it will be too dark for me to go in at all, but I'm making the most of it while I can.

Queen Guinevere's Velvet Burgundy dress can be found here

The original Guinevere paper doll can be found here

The companion Morgana paper doll can be found here

 Sharon Souter - not to be used for commercial purposes 


ArtSings1946 said...

Love all your new creations ... isn't is just wonderful and magical how we all have our different talents yet we are all connected.
I didn't realize that you also practiced daylight savings time ... you know there is one state that doesn't as far as I know at that's Indiana ... figures. It was so strange traveling from the mid-west to the east coast and yet the time was different in one state. I love the pics of the swans ... I don't see them here at all and don't remember seeing them anywhere I lived.

Happiness always,

GardenOfDaisies said...

Sharon that is really wonderful news!! I do hope to see your paper dolls in print one day, very soon! :-)
Your pictures of the swans on the water make me think of the words in "How Can I live At the Top of the Mountain" . (aka "The Bonnie Blue-Eyed Lassie" and i've seen a couple or versions with slight variations in the words.)

Lightly swims the swan o'er the clear and flowing water
And blithely sings the nightingale, so happy to behold her
The winds do blow, the moorcocks crow, the moon, it shines so deeply
But deeper by far is my love for my own lady

Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

I am so glad you are able to visit the swans now. Great pictures! What beautiful paper dolls! The dresses are so pretty and I love the colors. I want the dresses! Congrats on joining hte guild and submitting your work. :) Yeah for you!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the paper dolls. You do draw so well.
I'm glad you got to visit the swans again, but especially that you took more pics for us.

darlene foster said...

I love the new dress. Congrats on joining the Guild and them having interest in your creations. LOve the photo of you at work! Looks like the swans have become your friends. I too am enjoying the sunny mornings with daylight savings time reversed here in Canada too.

Joleene Naylor said...

love the pics and the dress! yay on joining up and getting in the magazine :D congrats!

Barbara said...

Queen Guinevere is a very lucky lady to be able to wear such a beautiful dress. Congratulations on joining the guild. On reading about it I wanted to shout “you go girl” which is totally out of character for me – but hey ho, I’ve said it now! You look very content while painting its easy to see how much you enjoy it.

What a lovely post made perfect by more pics of those gorgeous swans.

Thank you for the link to Victoria Stitch. I did find it once before but had forgotten all about it so it was lovely to go back for another visit. The foxglove story book is beautiful.

CraveCute said...

I think it is wonderful that you joined the Paper Doll Artist Guild. Groups like that can be so helpful! Your art is amazing and beautiful. The swans are so graceful and elegant, loved to see them again!


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