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This blog has been retired. I won't respond to any inquiries but have retained it in case it is still of interest to anyone passing by.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Hunger Games Catching Fire - OPDAG Issue 108

This was my official entry for the latest OPDAG (Original Paper Doll Artists Guild) Paper Studio magazine. The theme was 'Favourite Film'.  I was originally going to make a set of the children from Narnia and then I saw this film with my son and decided it was the doll I wanted to make instead.

In the end I sent in three totally different paper doll submissions to the magazine.  All of them featured, including the Galadriel Doll I have already shown you in an earlier post.  I'll do a separate blog entry on the third doll.  It was one I did on the spur of the moment, but it appears first in the magazine.  I think the older, classic movies proved to be more popular - but I'm still glad I chose something contemporary.  

Hunger Games - Sketch

My outfits were all taken from the official posters and press photographs used to advertise the film.  The doll herself is copied from the picture below.  A set like mine could never be offered for sale on its own - but Paper Doll Studio are allowed to print content such as this as it is considered editorial. I love these costume designs - they are up to date and slightly edgy, but contain a recognisable fantasy element at the same time.

I'm still a haphazard Blogger at the moment - but despite my inability to get here very often I do think of the good friends I've made in Blogland all the time - and Nora I want to say a special hello to you as I have no other way of contacting you.  I loved all the comments you left me last time! 


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