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This blog has been retired. I won't respond to any inquiries but have retained it in case it is still of interest to anyone passing by.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Heidi and Peter Paper Dolls (Saalfield)

Saalfield printed two different versions of this paper doll set in 1957 and 1963.  The dolls and two little lambs are identical in both books but the clothes (with a few exceptions) are different.

Both sets are very pretty - although I do prefer the later book as it is the one I played with as a child.  The updated outfits have a bright crisp freshness that is very appealing.


This set perfectly conjures up the world of Heidi and Peter - majestic alpine scenery, endless flower meadows and pure mountain air.

I loved playing with these dolls and spent hours recreating scenes from the story.


The next set of pictures are all scans of my original dolls and the outfits I still have.  As you can see they have the well-worn look of a book that was a definite favourite.                                                                           

As I don't have an uncut version of this book I am borrowing the next 5 images from a copy I found for sale on eBay.  If you visit the shop of mr.rockito you will find not only this set but some of the other paper dolls I have included in previous posts.  There is a lovely selection but I think they are a little expensive.

The older (1957) version of the book contains the dolls, clothes and two additional pages of background scenery.  This set is also extremely cute and once again perfectly captures the alpine character of the story.

The tale of Heidi was still extremely popular when I was a child.  I had no idea when I first read it that Johanna Spyri wrote the story almost a hundred years previously (1881/1882).  It had remained a perennial favourite down the years, loved by each new generation.

Besides 'Heidi' I also read 'Heidi Grows Up' and 'Heidi's Children', but must confess that I can only remember the details of the original story.

Many different editions of the story have been published over the years, each with a beautiful set of illustrations.  The images I have included here are by Pelagie Doane, an American illustrator whose work spans the 1930's to 1960's.  The three illustrations below are taken from Heidi and Heidi's Children and are some that I particularly associate with the story.

Next time ......                                             
  Child's Ballet Book to Colour - Merrill                                                     

Thanks to everyone who responded to my post about blog problems.  I've always used Internet Explorer and am very comfortable with the 'feel' of it, but realised that it has been the cause of much of my frustration, including increasingly slow response times.  I've changed to using Google Chrome and have noticed a big difference both with my own blog and others I enjoy visiting.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Doll Store - End of an Era

Very close to the office where I work in South Great Georges Street (Dublin) is The Doll Store,  which also incorporates a doll hospital and teddy bear clinic.  It is a beautiful shop. I have been with my current employer for 10 years and walk past the doll store twice a day going to and from work.

The window displays are gorgeous with dolls, teddy bears, dolls houses, miniature china and crockery as well as all sorts of other vintage toys.

Today I noticed a sign on the window confirming that the shop is closing on the 4th February.  I was very sad to see it - presumably another casualty of the economic downturn.

The Doll Store will still be trading online (but that won't brighten up my day!)  If you click on the link I've included it will take you to their website.  On the site is this virtual tour of the store.  If like me you appreciate beautiful dolls/miniatures both past and present I'm sure you will enjoy the clip:

These fairy dolls caught my eye a few days ago.  They are absolutely adorable.  At least I've had an opportunity to photograph them before the shop is gone.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blog Problems

** Internet Explorer seems to be my problem - I can only get Blogger to work using Google Chrome **

Kylie left me a message earlier today saying that she has been unable to open my blog lately.  I've been having problems myself and thought it must be my laptop playing up but I now think its something to do with Blogger.  I can 'view the blog' but I can't open individual posts.  At first I thought it might have been caused by the poll gadget.  I've removed that and for a while all was ok but now I am experiencing the same issues again. 

Last week I tried to change the blog template from 'ethereal' to 'watermark' and then realised that if I used Internet Explorer the 'link within' posts obscured the comment area.  Google Chrome was ok but as most people use Internet Explorer I decided the only thing I could so was put it back to 'ethereal again'.  Other than the poll gadget that's the only change I have attempted to make so I am at a loss as to what is going wrong. 

I am still getting traffic but don't know if this represents successful hits or if everyone is experiencing the same problem I have.

This morning I was also battling to get into other blogs as well so apologies if I don't visit and leave comments as usual. Hopefully this will be just a temporary blip but for the moment its just too frustrating for me to keep trying!       

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Results of the Poll

Many thanks to everyone who voted in the poll (and commented in the post). 

When trying to choose the next post I just couldn't make up my mind between the Heidi Paper Doll and the Ballet Book to Colour and decided to see what other people thought. 

I was also curious to find out if there was a preference for the familiar (Heidi) from a mainstream publisher, or something a little bit off-beat from an unknown source (the self adhesive doll).   

There were 15 votes in the poll.  Results are as follows:

Heidi and Peter Paper Doll (Saalfield) - 9 votes
Ballet Book to Colour (Merrill) - 4 votes
A is for Apple (Fairytale Alphabet) - 2 votes
Self Adhesive Paper Doll (source unknown) - 0 votes

The next post will therefore be the Heidi and Peter paper doll.  It will be a bumper edition as Saalfield produced two versions of the book and I want to include both.  There is quite a bit I still need to scan but once that is done I'll be putting the post together.

Heidi and Peter will be followed by the Ballet Book to Colour and A is for Apple.  Although the self adhesive doll received no votes I won't disregard her altogether - but she will be put on the back burner.

 My own paper doll of Morgana has been more of a hit than I expected and has raced up the Most Popular Posts of the Month chart.  Besides making her some more outfits I'm also thinking of designing another doll.  Some ideas I'm currently playing with are Guinevere from the same BBC series as Morgana, Princess Kate (the only 'real' person) or Lady Mary from Downton Abbey.  Perhaps that will have to be another poll!      

Friday, January 20, 2012

Ghosts of Ideas Past


I found these drawings in the same folder as the Four Little Maids I posted last week.

They have not survived as well.  The paper has been crumpled and there is quite a bit of water damage.

Once again I found it interesting to look at something I'd completely forgotten about after an interval of many years.  What struck me is the impression they give of the confidence and certainty of youth.  I can hardly recognise in myself today the sort of person who could dash these off so quickly - and in ink, not pencil. 

I think these sketches were done at the time of Charles and Diana's marriage.  Their wedding made a big impression on me and I was still young enough to dream of having a fairytale event of my own.  

What I can remember is that I spent hours drawing different types of wedding dresses and deciding what all my attendants were going to wear.

With hindsight this is quite amusing as when I finally married (aged 37 and far more practical) I chose to wear my mother's dress! (I have included these three photos already in previous posts but not together like this)  The dress is still carefully packed away but unfortunately I don't have a daughter to carry on the tradition.

My Parents - 1957
My Wedding - 1996
My Mom

* The next post will give the results of the poll and then I will be back on track with my usual subject matter.


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