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This blog has been retired. I won't respond to any inquiries but have retained it in case it is still of interest to anyone passing by.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Morgana - A Paper Doll

Morgana from the BBC's Merlin

When I was young I enjoyed making paper dolls as much as playing with them.  It's been a while since I've thought of doing something like this, but during the Christmas break I decided it might be fun to try my hand at making one again.

Katie McGrath as Morgana
My son and I both thoroughly enjoyed watching the BBC's series on Merlin.  It has just the right mix of escapism and humour.  During the latest season I did feel a bit sorry for Katie McGrath, the lovely Irish actress who plays Morgana.  In the earlier episodes she wore such gorgeous dresses with bright jewel-like colours.  Now that she has officially gone over to the dark side she is stuck in drab, funereal black.

Harking back to the gowns she wore when she was still the king's ward and every inch a princess, I've chosen to replicate three of my favourite dresses.  They are very similar in design.  It is the bright, bold colours that cause them to stand out, and for me make them such a success.

Morgana Pendragon

Morgana - Purple Dress

Morgana - Green Dress

I'm sorry that my scanner makes these reflective marks appear across the darker colours.  I think I might be using the wrong paper! 

Morgana - Green Dress

Morgana - Blue Dress

Morgana - Blue Dress

One of the advantages of making paper dolls today is that I can copy and save images during the different stages .

Here are the doll and dresses before they were painted.  Sometimes I almost prefer the sketches before they are coloured in.  (If you look closely you can see she originally had two hands drawn in but I decided that was a bit over-powering.)

Morgana - Sketch

Morgana - Purple Dress Sketch

Morgana - Green Dress Sketch

Morgana - Blue Dress Sketch

A new white dress for Morgana can be found here (posted 5 Feb 2012)

Morgana's violet dress can be found here (posted 23 June 2012)

Morgana's black lace dress can be found here (posted 07 October 2012)

I'm not sure if I'm finished with Morgana yet - she had a couple of lovely hooded capes that I might try to copy as well as some pale dresses that made a perfect foil for the more brightly coloured ones.  That will have to be for another time.

Companion paper doll of Guinevere can be found here (posted 2 July 2012)

Guinevere - Season 1 Dresses can be found here (posted 10 July 2012) 

Guinevere - Season 2 and 3 Dresses can be found here (posted 13 July 2012)

Guinevere - Season 4 Dresses can be found here (posted 19 Aug 2012)

Queen Guinevere Velvet Burgundy can be found here (posted 6 Aug 2012)


I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.  I've enjoyed my short break from blogging and think I'll continue limiting myself to one entry a month.  I've had the chance to do all sorts of other things (like reading proper books again!!).  Making this paper doll has also been a nice distraction. 

I've also had an opportunity to enjoy looking at other blogs instead of spending so much time on my own!

Two earlier posts A Paper Doll of my Own and Homage to Embleton contain some other paper dolls I made (when I was much younger).

 Sharon Souter - not to be used for commercial purposes 


GardenOfDaisies said...

You should think about getting a doll(s) published. Take a look at some of the Original Paper Doll Artist pages and find out what to do and go for it! You have the talent!!

CraveCute said...

I agree with GardenofDaisies, these are wonderful! Nice to see you posting even if only once a month. Hope you had a nice Christmas as well. Happy New Year!

Kylie said...

Wow! You are quite the artist Sharon.
I will miss you posting more frequently, but I completely get your reasons for deciding to do this...there are so many other wonderful things to do and blogging does seem to take up alot of time.
I hope you have a fabulous year ahead of you. Take care and I'll catch you in a month x

Barbara said...

I am so impressed these are quite beautiful.
It was lovely to call in and find you posting again.
Happy New Year.

Corissia said...

Ooh, she's lovely. I also love the black and white sketches, thank you for including them.


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