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Friday, January 20, 2012

Ghosts of Ideas Past


I found these drawings in the same folder as the Four Little Maids I posted last week.

They have not survived as well.  The paper has been crumpled and there is quite a bit of water damage.

Once again I found it interesting to look at something I'd completely forgotten about after an interval of many years.  What struck me is the impression they give of the confidence and certainty of youth.  I can hardly recognise in myself today the sort of person who could dash these off so quickly - and in ink, not pencil. 

I think these sketches were done at the time of Charles and Diana's marriage.  Their wedding made a big impression on me and I was still young enough to dream of having a fairytale event of my own.  

What I can remember is that I spent hours drawing different types of wedding dresses and deciding what all my attendants were going to wear.

With hindsight this is quite amusing as when I finally married (aged 37 and far more practical) I chose to wear my mother's dress! (I have included these three photos already in previous posts but not together like this)  The dress is still carefully packed away but unfortunately I don't have a daughter to carry on the tradition.

My Parents - 1957
My Wedding - 1996
My Mom

* The next post will give the results of the poll and then I will be back on track with my usual subject matter.


Donna Yates said...

I think these are absolutely adorable. They all show emotions. You have quite the talent.

Nelly said...

wow what a great talent you have, Id love to be able to do art well.
I hope you find someone in the family for your wedding dress it needs to be always in the family its beautiful

Barbara said...

What a beautiful dress! You and your mum both looked lovely in it. I had forgotten about drawing wedding dresses, but yes, I did that too.
I missed this post last time I visited so I’m glad I called in today.


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