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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kewpie Paper Dolls

Kewpie dolls were very popular when I was growing up.  This paper doll book is not complete and has been enthusiastically played with, but what has survived is still very cute.  I think much of its appeal is the dinky size of the dolls and their clothes.  There must have been six dolls originally.  I am missing number 1 - if I find it tucked away with some of my other possessions (together with any of the other dresses) I'll post it at a later date. 

One more outfit for doll #5 can be found at the end of the Cinderella-Jack-and-Jill-Story Favourites paper doll post.  It is an extra one I discovered when looking for the dresses for that post.

While I was sorting through some of my old paper dolls this week I found this dress.  It belongs to my original set of the little ballerinas that I posted in January (25th).  This is one of the extra dresses that was not in the book I bought on eBay recently but was included in my older version of the set.
Click here to see the full Little Ballerina's book (posted 25 January 2011)

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