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Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Vintage Brides

Two of my previous posts, Wonderful Weddings and Vintage Brides had wedding themes.  Both proved to be popular from the start so today I'm including some more images from 'Modern Bride', published in 1958.  Last time I found it quite difficult to decide what pictures to use, so this gives me an opportunity to include some more of my favourites.  These lovely weddings and brides from long ago can still be used as inspiration today!

Lace never goes out of fashion.  It makes this dress extremely feminine.

I love the lighting in this picture.  Black and white photographs are usually the most atmospheric and I think the image above is wonderfully romantic.

When I look at this advert I find it hard to believe this photo was taken before I was born. This couple look so natural and in many ways still contemporary.  It shows how timeless some things are.

And finally from the magazine this fabulous illustration from an article giving advice on furnishing and decorating your first home.  I just love it - it reminds me so much of my mom's home when I was a little girl.

My Wedding - Everton, KwaZulu Natal (South Africa), December 1996 

In the last post of vintage brides I included a picture from my wedding at the end and mentioned that I had chosen to wear my mom's dress, made originally for her wedding in 1957.  My own wedding was put together on a shoestring budget (we decided to rather spend more on our honeymoon!), but we were still able to have a fairytale occasion as I was lucky enough to have the use of my mom's lovely garden just west of Durban. 

A small grove of trees formed a natural aisle and nave.  It was just big enough for me to walk down to part of Pachelbel's canon played by a string quartet.  We made a canopy for the service out of a cotton and lace tablecloth.   A stone bench covered with an antique cloth doubled as an altar, another covered a tree stump that was used to sign the register (shown below).  Even the minister who married us joined in the fun and wore an embroidered waistcoat instead of (as he put it) his Batman regalia.

All the flowers and foliage used in the marquee came from the garden. (Everyone worked extremely hard to make it look so pretty.)

I even decorated my own cake.  My step-dad made me a wonderfully rich fruit cake and I spent days before the wedding stamping out these little icing flowers and leaves.


Kylie said...

Hi Sharon, you were a beautiful bride and I love that you wore your Mum's wedding dress. It looks quite similar to my Mum's dress actually, sadly it was long gone by the time I got married. I did wear vintage though...
Your cake looks gorgeous too.

I love those vintage bride pics, but what about those teeny tiny waists???

Nelly said...

Hi Sharon Kylie sent me here to see your wedding post as I did a couple awhile ago too and have lots of dresses in my collection.I see why she sent me its lovley if she is following you I must too.

Nelly said...

PS I just saw where you live and its the one country I have wanted to visit since I was a young teen and was thinking the other day I havnet any bloggers in Ireland yet.

GardenOfDaisies said...

Ooooh, all these vintage dresses are wonderful! I think my favorite one of all is the 4th one down, in lace. I love that you wore your mother's gown, and it looks soooo pretty on you! When I got married, I asked my Mom about wearing hers. She was touched that I asked, but she said it had not been stored properly and had yellowed, and didn't look good. So that was out.


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