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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ladybird Books

From time to time I check to see what search results have brought people to my blog.  The main reason I do this is to determine whether I may have images to post that someone is specifically looking for. My second post (7 January 2011) was partly devoted to Ladybird Books, particularly the fairytale stories including princesses.  This week I've decided to expand on that with some more of my favourite illustrations from these gorgeous, sumptuously illustrated little books.  Last week I noticed a few searches for Ladybird, particularly Cinderella which is probably the most iconic story in the range.

Please note that these images are all subject to copyright by Ladybird Books Ltd:


Vintage Ladybird which can be accessed from the main Ladybird Books site contains some fun activities related to these lovely little books that many people of my age will count amongst their most vivid childhood memories.  Ladybird no longer sell old editions but do provide some useful links to specialist collector's sites.  They also provide a link to the Ladybird Prints site, a wonderful treasure trove of images.  I've included some of my favourites here but a far more extensive collection can be found at this site broken down onto different categories.

Sleeping Beauty


Nursery Rhymes

Malahide Castle (County Fingal)

I never get tired of going to Malahide Castle.  The first time I went there was 10 years ago and it has been one of my special places ever since. The castle demesne is set on over 250 acres of parkland so even through it is a popular place to visit the grounds never feel crowded. 

There is a paid tour of the castle itself (well worth it) and you also have to pay to see the formal gardens, but entrance to the parkland and forests that make up the castle demesne is free.  It is a gloriously beautiful place to wander around and every time I go there I find something new.

Unfortunately the wonderful Fry Model Railway and Tara's Children's Museum are no longer housed at the castle which is a shame as the railway was fabulous and I'm not sure if it has found a new home.   

The first time I came here this path through the forest was not yet tarred and was still a dirt track.  It was (and still is) magical to walk through and I kept expecting Cinderella's carriage to come past me on her way to the ball.

1 comment:

Kylie said...

Hi Sharon
I have all of those Ladybirds except Cinderella. That pic of her in the grey dress, running through the forest is wonderful. Very atmospheric. Black trees, dark clouds, purple bushes, etc. I think it is a beautiful illustration. Ladybirds played a big part in teaching me to read, I have such fond memories of them...thank you x


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