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Friday, July 22, 2011

Fabulous Fairies

Mr Shortsight and the Garden Fairies
Previously I published three posts - Wonderful Weddings , Perfect Princesses and Handsome Heroes that were compiled using some of my favourite illustrations from the children's magazine Once Upon a Time.  This week I'm continuing in the same vein by starting another trio of posts, this time with a fairytale theme.  First up (unsurprisingly) are Fabulous Fairies.  The two companion posts I'm thinking of adding in future weeks will be Dragons (see Delightful Dragons posted 12 August) and Mermaids.

As mentioned before Once Upon a Time was a beautiful children's magazine published between 1969 and 1973.  Many of my favourite artists (featured throughout this blog) contributed to various issues and the brilliance of their work can be seen in these magical images.

The Fairy of Withered Wood

The Fairy Child

A Gift for the Fairy Queen

A Gift for the Fairy Queen

The Garden Fairy Makes Good

The Golden Cockerel

The Snow Fairy

The Snow Fairy

The Giant's New House

The Flower Clock

The Rainbow Pixie

The China Fairy

Dublin Castle Chapel

In a previous post My Fair Lady Paper Doll Additional Pages I included some photos of Dublin Castle.  Amongst them was an outside shot the castle chapel.  Although it looks typically medieval, if memory serves me correctly I think the chapel was actually built during Victorian times.  It has the wonderful opulence and romanticised nostalgia that Victorians lavished on all their Gothic creations.  

I love popping into the chapel and I'm thrilled that it is open to the public again.  For well over a year it was out of bounds as the chapel was extensively used during filming of the TV series The Tudors.  The chapel was used for all the courtroom scenes.  Clever camera angles and editing made it appear much larger than it actually is.  I don't think it was all that obvious when Henry flounced off in a temper after being thwarted once again in his pursuit of Anne Boleyn that what you see is all there is. 


Nelly said...

How cute are those fairy pics you must have some great books in your colletion.How Id loive to visit and go castle cruising.Id have to wear my green dress and get pics taken tho dont you think?May have to get a crown tho lol

Kylie said...

Love the fairies (and the chapel) Sharon...
that naughty looking red-haired fairy (The Flower Clock) reminds me of my youngest daughter x


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