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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Whitman - Ballet Dancers #1962 / 1968

This is my latest paper doll purchase.  I have been looking for this set for quite some time to complete the trio of Whitman ballet paper dolls I originally played with as a child.  I have included posts on the other two before - Whitman Ballet Cut Outs -#1962/1964 (my favourite) and Whitman Now Playing Ballet Paper Dolls #1962/1966 .

I took a bit of a chance with this set, buying it with a job lot of 5 used/cut paper doll books.  I had no idea how complete anything was and what condition they would be in.  As I did not pay all that much for them I thought it was worth the risk and would have been happy enough to get three of the covers (including the one for this set) so the contents were a bonus.  I bought them from Jean Claude in Canada who was very helpful - his eBay shop toys and things 4u has all sorts of interesting items for sale.

I was thrilled to discover that this set was the most complete of the 5 in the lot and is in great condition considering it has been cut and presumably played with.  From what I can tell only one piece of headgear is missing - I have been able to find another scan of that costume and have included it at the end for completeness.

Of these three ballet paper doll books by Whitman (all numbered 1962) this one is my least favourite -  although I'm still extremely happy to have it purely for the memory factor.  I think I preferred dolls that were younger (closer to my age at the time) and I've never found the dolls in this set particularly feminine or ballerina-like.  With their muscular legs and athletic builds they look more like track athletes to me.

Strangely this is one set where I think I prefer the outfits off the dolls rather than on.  I think they look prettier somehow when the dolls are not wearing them!

This is the hat that I am missing - I've included the extra version of this costume here.


Darlene Foster said...

These are fabulous. What a winderful addition to your collection!

Unknown said...

Oh, how fun! I love ballet dancers, and this set is darling!

Barbara said...

Very pretty outfits but I agree the clothes do look better off than on. The doll with the short's suit looks perfect, but the others don’t look quite right. The clothes are very feminine, and the dolls aren't. Does that make sense? Well done on finding the last one for your collection and thanks for including the link to eBay – I’m going there now!

GardenOfDaisies said...

These ballet dolls are so fun. I don't have many dancing dolls in my collection, but would like to someday. I'll have to add those to my list of "wants". I've been working to get my paperdoll page updated. It's still not complete, but I have added several pics.

Unknown said...

Thank you very much for sharing
this Ballet set. It is one that
I had as a child and I am very
happy to see it again.

Kind regards Sally


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