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Monday, July 2, 2012

Guinevere - A Paper Doll (Lilac Dragon Dress)

Guinevere from the BBC's Merlin

I've thoroughly enjoyed making my paper doll of Morgana (and I'm not finished with her yet!).  It has been so much fun I decided to make a companion doll of Guinevere from the same series (the BBC's Merlin).

Guinevere is played by the lovely actress Angel Coulby.  Her sartorial journey has been the complete opposite of Morgana's.  Morgana started out in shimmering jewel-like creations but is now consigned to drab and dowdy black gowns that reflect her move over to 'the dark side'.

Gwen started the first series in unflattering sack-like dresses made of coarse material that emphasised her lowly position in Camelot as a servant and blacksmith's daughter.  With each passing season her clothing has cleverly evolved to match her changing status, until now as Queen of Camelot in Season 5 she is the one bedecked in red velvet and purple satin.

Angel Coulby as Guinevere 

In Gwen's case I think it is important to show her dresses in order, but having said that I'm breaking my own rule for this first 'Gwen' post by starting with her Lilac 'Dragon' dress.  I think this is the gown most people will associate with her character.  She virtually lived in it during seasons 2 and 3 but I never got tired of seeing her in it.

I think the dress is lovely.  The colour suits her, the material is soft and feminine and the styling very clever - it is pretty but still maintains her status during this part of the story as a maid in the palace.

Guinevere - Queen of Camelot

Guinevere - Lilac Dragon Dress

As with Morgana I'm including all the sketches for the dolls and dresses before they were coloured in.

Guinevere Paper Doll - Sketch

This was the initial rough sketch for Gwen.  Once I had decided how her basic form was going to look I traced this original drawing onto light cardboard for the figure above.

Guinevere - Initial Sketch

Gwen's 'dragon' dress before it was coloured in.  I tend to prefer the dresses in this sketch stage when they still leave more to the imagination.

Guinevere - Lilac Dragon Dress Sketch

Guinevere - Season 4 Dresses can be found here (Posted 19 Aug 2012)

Guinevere - Season 2 and 3 Dresses can be found here (Posted 13 July 2012)

Guinevere - Season 1 Dresses can be found here (Posted 10 July 2012)

Gwen Season 5 Velvet Burgundy dress can be found here (Posted 6 Aug 2012)

  The companion paper doll of Morgana can be found here (First post 1 Jan 2012)

 Sharon Souter - not to be used for commercial purposes 


Darlene Foster said...

I love your paper doll of Guinevere. I do hope we get this series over here in Canada as it sounds wonderful. The Merlin, King Authur stories have intrigued me ever since I could read.

Unknown said...

Very nice! It is beautiful. You are talented.

CraveCute said...

Fabulous composition Sharon! I hope we get Merlin here in the U.S.A. Our PBS usually pick up the BBC broadcasts eventually! One thing I love about the BBC productions are the period piece wardrobes etc.

Barbara said...

Sharon you’ve not only captured the dress perfectly but also the face of the actress – you really are incredibly talented. I love the bodice and the colour of the dress, just perfect.


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