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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Vintage Brides

More images from this magazine can also be found at More Vintage Brides

I'm deviating from my usual blog postings to include these pictures of vintage brides I found in an old magazine tucked away in a drawer today.  They come from a catalogue called 'Modern Bride', dated 1958.  My mother originally gave this book to me when I was about 4 years old.  I'm not sure why she had it as her wedding was the year before the magazine was published in 1957.  I can remember enjoying looking at these illustrations as much as any fairytale or storybook I owned at the time.  
I longed to own this flower girl dress when I was little and thought it was the most beautiful I had ever seen.

I've included a picture of my mother's marriage in a previous post.and mentioned that I used to think she was the bride in the 'Heavenly Blue Wedding'.  This is another photo I was convinced was of her. My childish logic saw nothing amiss in the fact that this was an American magazine (and my mother wasn't a model).      

I used to believe that this was a picture of the wicked stepmother in 'Snow White'.  Looking at it now I can still see why I thought that.

There are very few colour photographs in this magazine.  I've included three of them here.  The following two are from an autumn themed double wedding of two sisters.

Besides wedding dresses the magazine also contains other gowns for the occasion.  All of them have the lovely elegance of the era.

And to finish don't you just love these adverts for furniture and bed-linen? 

I was fortunate enough to have a fairytale wedding of my own.  I chose to wear my mother's dress (she had kept it all that time.)  As I married in 1996 it was 39 years since my mom originally wore it on her day.  The sleeves had been taken out (it doubled once as a  ballgown).  I opted for a slightly less rigid petticoat and added a brooch of my own, but otherwise it was unchanged.


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