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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Splendour Book of Ballet

I was given this book as a Christmas present in 1966.  The artist signed himself merely as Maraja.  As a seven year old aspiring ballerina I found these illustrations entrancing.  As an adult I still marvel at the artist's ability to depict the human form with such a sense of grace and beauty.

Libico Maraja (1912-1983) was an Italian artist.  He is rightfully recognised as one if Italy's top post-War illustrators.  Although not contained here his illustrations for 'Alice in Wonderland' are probably Maraja's most well-known.

 Swan Lake




St Stephens Green - Dublin

After Swan Lake this is probably a good time to include these photos of my own.  I took them during the summer last year - very early in the morning on my way to work when the park (at the top of Grafton Street near to my office) is tranquil and almost empty.  I discovered this family of swans and returned on a couple of occasions to photograph them.     

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