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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Saalfield Cinderella Paper Doll

In the 60's Saalfield revamped a Cinderella paper doll set that was originally published in 1950.  The dolls were modernised although Prince Charming looks remarkedly like Prince Valiant. Apart from a couple of dresses that were not included, the clothing is identical to the original set.  The whole book - dolls and clothes - was printed on card stock and everything could be punched out very easily.
The quality of set is evident in that my copy was enthusiastically played with, but has survived surprisingly well.  Of the clothing all I can identify as being missing is one of Prince Charming's hats. I think much of the appeal of this set is due to the pantomime nature of the clothes.  They jumble up a number of centuries and eras but children of course don't notice that. What I can remember being bemused by is the fact that the 'ugly sisters' are not ugly at all.

I could only find three of my punched out dolls - one of the wicked sisters seems to have been mislaid.  For that reason I included the scans I have of the cover pages at the start of this post. I don't have any scans of the clothing pages.

Daffodil Day - 25 March

Friday is Daffodil Day (I'm not sure how many countries participate in this.) Silk daffodils and pin-on daffodil badges are sold by the Irish Cancer Society with a large number of volunteers collecting for the charity.  Daffodils are everywhere at the moment, brightening up every corner of the city.


I think mommy swan is sitting on her eggs at the moment.  Proud dad is strutting his stuff waiting for this year's new arrivals.  

A Doll for Daffodil Day

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