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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Whitman Ballet Paper Dolls No. 1962 (1966)

I wasn't originally going to post three paper doll books in a row but decided this one had to follow on immediately from the previous set.

Although I have very fond memories of playing with these dolls as a child, this set somehow never had quite the same appeal for me as the 1964 version.

As an adult the first thing that struck me is that Whitman used the same dolls in both.  Four of the original five are repeated.  There are slight differences, mainly in hairstyle, and the dolls have been given new names, but on the whole they are essentially the same.  Two examples are included below.  Alyce/Kathie is unchanged except for the colour of her leotard.  Emily/Marie has changed to blonde from brunette.

I don't remember noticing this as a child.  If I did it obviously didn't detract from my enjoyment in playing with these sets. 

St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin

As next Thursday is St Patrick's Day I'm including some photos I've taken of St Patrick's Cathedral which is also very close to where I work.  The little park next to the cathedral is lovely and a nice place to sit on a sunny day.  

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