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This blog has been retired. I won't respond to any inquiries but have retained it in case it is still of interest to anyone passing by.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sharon's Little Sunbeam Award - Week 7

This week Sharon's Little Sunbeam shines on Megan at:

Storybook Love Affair

Why have I chosen Megans blog? . . .
- Fabulous book reviews.  If Megan can't tempt you to read something, nobody can.

- Beautiful photographs and pictures from Pinterest.

- Delightful glimpses into Megan's life - I particularly loved her Birthday Weekend in Melbourne

As everyone who is familiar with my Little Sunbeam Award already knows, the person behind the blog is as important to me as its content.  Megan's warm and sunny personality shines through all her posts and the comments she leaves on mine are equally thoughtful and friendly.

My choice of pictures today probably seems a bit strange - no fairies or princesses!

Last week Megan included a post on Home Office Inspiration.  Her dream office is very different to my study in design - all white furniture, pale elegance and a hint of La Belle Epoque.  What we have in common though is the idea of a sanctuary - a cherished personal space where inspiration and ideas can take flight.  My wish for Megan is that one day her dream will come true and she will have a special place like this of her own to enjoy..

Megan's blog makes me want to curl up with a good book, a nice cup of tea and a box of decadent chocolates.  Sheer bliss!

Pictures were originally featured in the post Snow in April!

Past recipients of Sharon's Little Sunbeam Award:

Lucy Violet Vintage

Sharon's Little Sunbeam is my own personal 'no strings attached' award.  It is my way of thanking some of the wonderful people who enrich my blogging experience.  The recipient is introduced in a post like this one and a link to their blog remains on my sidebar for a week.  There are no conditions attached to the award.  The recipient does not need to answer any questions, pass the award on or even acknowledge that they have received it.  All they need to do is bask in my little sunbeam and enjoy it!


Donna Yates said...

Megan sounds like the perfect recipient for this award. Her pictures are 'picture perfect.'

darleneFoster said...

Megan's blog is appealing. Anyone who receives your sunbeam award is indeed special. Thanks for spreading the sunbeam around. I had a good week and I believe it was because I had the sunbeam award!

GardenofDaisies said...

I just popped over there to say hi and take a look at her blog. It's always nice to be introduced to new blogs.

Barbara said...

I love Megan's blog - a worthy winner indeed.

Megan said...

Oh my goodness Sharon, thank you so much for this! Reading your very kind words have made me feel all happy and fuzzy! It's nice to know that you enjoy my blog and I too enjoy yours very much. Your office looks lovely, especially with that cute little doll. Thank you once again, I really appreciate it.



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